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Bonnie22Web with borderBonnie Schroeder is a consultant and a recognized expert on how to effectively support seniors and their caregivers through program and policy development.  Prior to consulting, Bonnie was the National Director of Caregiving at VON Canada. Bonnie’s aim is to ensure that caregivers are well supported and recognized as ‘partners in care.’ That’s her promise!

“It is not if you become a caregiver, but when.”~ Canadian Caregiver Coalition

Aging in Ottawa – Season 2

Join Bonnie every two week as she welcomes local guests to talk about relevant issues for older adults in our community – active living, accessing health information, social services, transportation, housing, to name a few. With an aging population expected to double in the next 20 years, Aging in Ottawa is your information source on what really matters for older adults in Ottawa.

Consulting in Ottawa

With a growing aging population, we are seeing higher demands and expectations on already stretched programs and services that support seniors and their caregivers. As a social program and policy consultant, Bonnie works for non-profit and charitable organizations who service seniors, adults with disabilities and their caregivers specializing in:

  • program development and evaluation
  • research & writing
  • group facilitation

An experienced program director, writer, researcher and facilitator, Bonnie simplifies the program development and evaluation process for program directors and managers to effectively innovate and grow their impact with their clients, community and funders. Having worked in home care, community support and public health at the regional, provincial and national levels over the last 18 years, Bonnie brings her experience, knowledge and skills to work for you.

Bonnie uses a strategic approach to program development and evaluation which focuses on an organization’s context, capacity and ability to collaborate with partners while understanding their constraints. She combines stories, research and intuition to uncover the power of

  • working together with partners
  • balancing both the short and long term goals and
  • feeling confident to make decisions, even when all the information is not known.

She is a firm believer in the think – act – learn – improve model of incremental change – getting to better.

She will assists you to understand your ‘must haves’ for clients, organization, community and funders. Bonnie helps organizations achieve their goals and increase their impact by working with you to:

  • Understand your unique needs including from the perspective of your program users/clients
  • Develop program and policy options that build on your strengths and knowledge
  • Take advantage of the community context to identify opportunities to foster collaborative partnerships
  • Connect actions and goals with client, organizational and funder priorities
  • Effectively communicate, both internally and externally, the plan, progress and outcomes
  • Build a sustainability plan to integrate key recommendations into existing programs and policies
  • Have a little fun exploring new and exciting ways to do better

Contact Bonnie to discuss what is possible for your organization, program or community partnership.