Do you NEED help…

  • Brainstorming program response to an emerging or growing need for seniors and their caregivers?
  • Drafting a winning proposal for your project idea?
  • Executing on the project activities and deliverables to your funder, community or clients?
  • Evaluating your program so you can learn from your processes, outcomes and impacts?
  • Developing a sustainability plan to continue key activities of a project or program?
  • Making sense of your experience and research to inform a discussion, decision or action?
  • Convening a focus group, consultation or workshop?

Bonnie can HELP.

Bonnie offers health and social program and policy consulting services related to aging and caregiving in three main areas:

Program Development & Evaluation

Bonnie helps community support agencies to optimize their outreach and support to seniors, adults with disabilities and their caregivers.  With over 18 years of experience developing and growing innovative programs, Bonnie likes to help her clients to develop their programs’ potential and to measure their performance and impact.

Research & Writing

Bonnie has worked in home care,  community support and public health sectors. She has extensive experience writing for caregivers, service providers, funders and decision makers. When you do not have the time or human resources to pull it together, Bonnie can draft grant proposals, discussion papers, policy briefs and reports.

Group Facilitation

As a social worker, Bonnie understands group dynamics and how to build consensus among a diverse audience. She has experience facilitating focus groups, consultations and workshops. When you want to be an active participant, Bonnie can help you by acting as a neutral partner and facilitator.


The Schroeder ADVANTAGE.

As your ‘go to’ person on aging and caregiving issues, Bonnie offers a fresh set of eyes as someone who has been there; whether it is to support you to

  •     develop your program’s potential
  •     evaluate the program for your funder
  •     write that proposal sitting on your desk begging for your attention
  •     facilitate a staff workshop or brainstorming session

Bonnie simplifies the process to increase your impact, to generate more funding and to effectively communicate to your clients, funders, donors and community.


Overview of SERVICES.

Q. How do you effectively innovate and grow your impact?


A program is a series of activities and/or projects to meet identified goals usually for beneficial change. To be strategic, you need to consider the context, organizational capacity, your ability to collaborate with partners and your constraints. Bonnie can work with you to:

  • Review and analysis your current service capacity and prepare recommendations to guide your next steps.
  • Develop your innovate idea for scratch or improve an existing one.
  • Draft a winning proposal with clear goals, objectives and milestones any funder would be delighted to fund!
  • Effectively execute project plans including communications and evaluation to keep you on track and on budget.
  • Build a sustainability plan to integrate key recommended activities into existing programs and policies.

Q. How do you know what you do not know?


To make decisions, you need access to the current research and thinking. She can assist you to:

  • Define the purpose, context, questions and intended audiences.
  • Find creditable sources of research and information from academia, grey literature and leading experts.
  • Think critically about the findings and what they mean for you.
  • Creatively present the key messages to your audiences.

Q. How do you engage others to learn and make decisions together?


A good facilitator is an active listener, enabler and consensus builder. Bonnie can help you to:

  • Design and run a successful meeting, consultation or workshop.
  • Focus on process and outcomes by acting as a neutral partner.
  • Document the discussion, decisions and action items.

Contact Bonnie to discuss what is possible with your programs or organization or download Bonnie’s – Consulting Services.